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7on7 Camp Nov 15th

Youth Sports Covid Compliant provider

Texas Elite 7on7 has taken all steps this Fall with all state and local agencies to provide a responsible Covid compliance for all youth players, coaches, staff and parents

* social distance of players & coaches (outdoor events)

* social distance of parents and staff (outdoor events)

* player cards for all eligibility and division items 

* non contact football that requires a one hand touch (glove)

* face mask for players and parents upon arrival and exit (based on County rules at the time of play)

Volunteer Coaches Application for Fall 2020

Sponsored by The Quarterback Ranch

The Quarterback Ranch

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QB / WR Training & Camps

Covid Rules/Recommendations for June/July- Players & Coaches - you may semi huddle loosely and One Offensive Coach may be on field in Middle School Division and down but please no tight offensive huddles. We advise you not to huddle prior to game or breakdowns.   Also please try to distance to six feet apart while on sidelines (coaches & players), do not stand in groups or bunches.  No handshake line after games

Parents & Grandparents & spectators  should abide by Gov latest protocol and stand or sit at least 6 ft apart, wash hands etc but most importantly they are responsible to self screen prior to coming to this event.  

Youth Sports families should follow State Guidelines for attending Events located at

Texas Elite 7on7 Football

Texas Elite 7on7 Football

League, Tournaments, QB/WR Instruction

Phone: 214-897-8951


1. What are your dates for 7v7?

Sept 2020 to July 2021

2. What are your age or grade divisions?

(8 yr old to 18 yr old with Divisions 10U, 12U, Middle School & High School  in current 2020/2021 School Year .  *no 7th grade player may play in 12U Division. If your in Middle School currently you will play in MS Division. Also HS consist of current grade of 9th, 10th & 11th grade. Current 12th grade players are out of eligibility. cutoff date on youth ages 12U and 10U is Sept 1st 2020)

3. Equipment requirements?

(mouthpiece & soft shell helmet are mandatory)

4. Can you guide us on getting helmets?

(you can use any brand of soft shell helmet you wish but I like Rocksolid because they are local and can take care of players and teams needs in one to two business days and a lot of times you can avoid shipping charges as they are in Frisco. With our discount code you can get a new helmet for $49 or a refurbished helmet for $35. That is less then a new pair of Nike Gloves these days. If you choose Rocksolid go to this link   pick your helmet new or refurbished and enter one of these codes to save money  / use code ssnew at checkout to save $15 on new helmet or code sssave to save $30 on a refurbished helmet

5. Where can I view the rules?

(here ya go )

6. Do teams have to be from the same school or school district to form a team?

(no, this is open rosters so you can have your tackle team compete or just a group of friends that attend different schools as long as they are in the same age division is fine)

7. Do you accept full team entry? 

(yes, just call or text 214-897-8951 with Team name, Division & your email)


League Fees, Team or Individual refund policy, rain out line

*League/Tournament Fees are due 14 days prior to the first scheduled league/tournament date

*All team / player fees for League play/ Tournament play is non refundable.  Should a refund be approved it will be given in game credit only 100% credit of Leagues/Tournament Play within that year.

* Weather Line- you can always text 817-690-8458 and check on the status of any of our fields in Keller, Dallas or Saginaw



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