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Turkey Bowl 2018


League Play Registration

Winter League Play Registration Dec 2018

Rocksolid 7on7 individual registration (Junior, Middle School & JV Division)

Rocksolid 7on7 Helmet $50

Discount Helmets until Nov 1st

Text - 7on7 to   797979

Text - 7on7 to 797979

for League/Tournament info & updates in Texas !

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Tournament Play Registration

2018 Turkey Bowl Nov 24th Registration / 8 Middle School & 8 High School only

Turkey Bowl 2018

Saturday Nov 24th

2 days after Thanksgiving

2 Divisions (Middle School & High School)

8 teams only per Division

3 game guarantee for all teams

Team Trophies for 1st & 2nd

9am to 1pm on Nov 24th in Keller

$200 per team before Nov 1st / $250 after Nov 1st

Text (turkey) to 817-690-8458 for discount link

2018 Holiday Tournament Registration Dec 15th 2018 $200 before Dec 1st

2019 Best of Texas Tournament Registration on Jan 19th

Texas Elite 7on7 Player and Coach Discounts

Helmets required for all players

Each Player will be required to wear a soft shell helmet



Coaches if you sign up a full team please note that each player if they do not have a soft shell helmet will need to:


1. purchase a helmet for $50


2. rent a helmet for $30 for 6 week season


FAQ's on soft shell helmets?

1. Why? - (1) we obviously want everyone to be safe even though it is considered non contact but the game is fast and multiple people converge on a thrown ball.  People still run into one another including same team / players hv been required to wear a mouthguard for years and its important to us that players protect their head just as much as their teeth  (2) In June an Arlington Lamar Freshmen football player playing in another tournament not affiliated with ours ran into his own teammate while playing defense.   Not his opponent but his own player (he was in the hospital for 4 weeks)


We understand that a soft helmet is an additional cost, but two years ago they were 79 dollars and we have now gotten manufactures down to 50 or the ability to rent.  So until Aug 1st we have reduced registration fees for all teams and players.  With Gloves the price of $40 I don't think $50 to protect your head is too much considering that you can can get two to three years use out of each soft helmet.  


I recommend two manufactures (1) Rocksolid is number one on my list as they are local based in Frisco and have ties to the Cowboys as they Office at the Star. What that means is if you have an issue they have a local staff that can help you with orders, sizing, colors or logo. You don't have to communicate with someone in a different time zone and then worry about shipping. (2) The other is Gamebreaker as they make a good helmet too but are based in CA. 

Rocksolid Helmet -


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2017 Power Index by Grade Final Standings July 7th

The 2017 (7on7PI) is based on teams playing in Texas Elite 7on7 Leagues and Tournaments and is formulated on total W-L, Strength of Schedule, PTS for & PTS against

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