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ReadyList Sports Playbooks

Coaches we are so happy to introduce our new partner in ReadyList Sports for 2019. ReadyList Sports is a simple-easy to use drawing tool for Web Based Playbooks for your teams.

  • Available for Flag, 7 on 7, 9 on 9 Flex, and 11 on 11
  • We save coaches time by allowing them to import and edit 50 pre-drawn plays, 45 routes, and 5 formations from our library
  • Create additional formations and routes as well as another 25 plays for a total of 75 plays in your library
  • Improve player confidence to help them play faster, harder, smarter, and safer
  • Work offline and take your playbook out to practice
  • Makes learning fun and engaging for all age and skill levels
  • Increase learning efficiency and retention rate to maximize limited player study time
  • Provide players a more enjoyable playing experience and more success on the field
  • Practice time will be more productive and more organized because coaches will understand deficiencies in players’ knowledge beforehand
  • Track player progress and view detailed analytics for each area tested and determine a player's readiness to take the field
  • Quickly get new players up to speed and integrated into your schemes
  • Mobile Compatible - Works on phones, tablets, and laptops
  • Upload files such as Team Rules, Team Goals, Schedules, and Video Links into your Team Library
  • Templates for Playbook and Wristband printing


Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith

ReadyList Sports Texas

Phone: 817-690-8458

Contact me for Free Demo

Coaches, just contact me at 817-690-8458 and I will give you access to a free demo.  It doesn't matter if you Coach Flag, 7on7, Flex or 11-man Tackle we have already imported plays for you in each of these forms of Football.  You can take the plays we have uploaded and edited them based on your personal of your team or you can "create" you own plays or entire playbook!  It is that simple. Were going to give you this for $49 to you and your Coaching staff.  Each player will then pay only $5, to have your Custom Playbook for the entire Year.  


Your players will be able to study your team playbook on (a) their phone (b) their tablet or (c) laptop at home.  You as the Coach then can conduct weekly test for all your players on how well they know their assignments by a simple team text. Player grades or retention percentage come right to you the Coach. You know exactly what each player knows and what he may be struggling with on every play or formation. 


It's really so simple and its the best football learning product I have ever seen. When your players know plays, scheme and formation they will play faster period!